Postcard show
July 22 5-7PM Hudson Hall

You are invited to contribute an original art work to the exhibition ACT I, organized by Dawn Breeze of Instar Lodge and Kristen Dodge of SEPTEMBER. ACT I will take place at the historic and newly renovated Hudson Hall on Saturday, July 22, 2017, 6-8pm. Works will be on view Friday, July 21 and Saturday, July 22 for guests to preview.

ACT I will be an anonymous exhibition with artists names revealed after works are purchased. Each work will be sold for $50 with all proceeds being donated to Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood. There are no limitations or restrictions on your submission, only the required scale of 4 x 6 inches and it must be able to easily be hung on a wall.


You may submit a maximum of two pieces to be included in the exhibition.

When you mail in or hand-deliver your 4x6" (unframed) postcard piece to the SEPTEMBER Gallery (address below), please include:

  • title, date, materials used
  • your name + signature on the back of the piece
  • a self-addressed, stamped envelope (to return your piece in the event it remains unsold)

Please mail or deliver your work (during gallery hours or via the mail slot) to: 

449 Warren Street #3, Hudson, NY 12534

Along with your physical submission please also fill out this form.


The latest opportunity to submit a work is Tuesday, July 18. The latest opportunity to submit a work is Tuesday, July 18. Please note your work will not be in the running for the ACT I Special Limited Edition if submitted after Thursday, June 29.

All works must be delivered or mailed to SEPTEMBER by Thursday, June 29th if you wish you be in the running for the ACT I Special Limited Edition printing of 10 jury-selected works. 10 works will be reproduced as an edition of 100, distributed through Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, and activated during the postcard-writing workshop that culminates the weekend festival. If you are one of the 10 artists whose work is selected, you will receive an ACT I Special Limited Edition Set.


We are thrilled to announce the ten selected artists whose work was chosen for the limited edition set of postcards created in conjunction with the exhibit ACT I.

After much deliberation we chose these postcards from hundreds of exceptional artworks because we feel the group represents the ethos of the exhibit; acting as a call, a shout, and a cry to notice our united artist voices standing together in support of Planned Parenthood! ACT I is a political action, gathering hundreds of artists together to share expression, to raise money for Planned Parenthood, and to raise awareness of our political concerns through the act of writing postcards to our elected officials and to one another. Postcards have long held a history of social documentation and acted as an easy method for communication before the telephone. The first US postcard was issued on May 13, 1873 depicting the bust of Liberty. Post-election many of us feel unheard, unaddressed, and unseen by our current government in this country, but together we are raising our voices and sending a strong community message with ACT I. Together we are the bust of Liberty!

With love, admiration, and gratitude,
Kristen & Dawn

PS. We are overwhelmed with awe by the outpouring of artistic talent and engagement demonstrated by hundreds of artists sharing artwork with ACT I. We encourage each and every one of you amazing artists that have contributed to this exhibit to turn your submission into a postcard, and to continue to share your art, your heart, and your voice with this government and with your neighbors. The action does not stop here, this is ACT I.

Limited edition artists:
Jessica Goehring, Deborah Zlotsky, Jennifer Monick, Mo Peppin & Wandwood Stream, Carrie Schneider, Jackie Saccoccio, Jenene Nagy, Pete Mauney, Michael Scoggins, Mandolyn Rosen

Exhibiting artists:
Irina Alimanestianu
Jennifer Amadeo-Holl
David Andersson
Fern Apfel
Susannah Auferoth
Hartmut Austen
Hilary Baldwin
Lauren Barnes
Laura Battle
Natalie Beall
Anne Beresford
Nancy Berlin
Laura Bidwa
Maryna Bilak
Annie Bielski
Megan Zoe Billman
Lois Borgenicht
Dawn Breeze
Nancy Bowen
Sara Bowman
Berly Brown
Virginia Bryant
Sarah Butler
Maria Calandra
Cait Carouge
Sayzie Carr
Chelsea Cater
Nurya Chana
Mary Chatham
Walter Chatham
Kris Chatterson
Amanda Church
Ellen Clark
Donna Cleary
Edie Clements
Diane Cluck
Binda Colebrook
Rachel Cope
K.M. Copham
Simone Couto
Corydon Cowansage
Matt Crane
William Crump
Cindy Cuba Clements
Peggy Cyphers
Carl D'Alvia
Melissa Dadourian
Erika DaSilva
Carole Daynard
Karen Davis
Katharine Daugherty
Alyson Denny
John Descarfino
Abigail Doan
Daniella Dooling
Melissa Eder
Julia Eichel
Joan Evans
Julie Evans
Alicia Everett
Annie Ewaskio
Ben Fain
Tory Fair
Adriana Farmiga
Elise Ferguson
Laura Fischman
Taryn FitzGerald
Mike Flynn
Katie Ford
Alison Fox
Tara Fracalossi
Kit Fraser
Sarah French
Daisy Freund
Kiki Gaffney
Jeff Gagnon
Ashley Garrett
Sam Gassman
GiGi Gatewood
Tamara Gayer
Dana Gentile
Jenny Ghetti
Arthur Gibbons
Kate Gilmore
Alex Gingrow
Jessica Goehring
Alex Goldberg
Jenna Hope Goldstein
Brenda Goodman
Betsy Gorman
Maggie Goudsmit
Gretchen Grace




Jennifer Greim
Robin Halpren-Ruder
Maurice Haughton
Maegan Hayward
Allison Hester
Kylie Heidenheimer
Brian Hernick
Sarah Hinckley
Carter Hodgkin
Brece Honeycutt
Andrea Hornick
Bethany Hughes
Samantha Hunt
Francine Hunter McGivern
Gianni Iacono
Sunny Iacono
Shirley Irons
Emily Isabella
Jamie Israelow
Suzanne Joelson
Ellen Jong
Ellen Jouret-Epstein
Tom Judd
Laura Kaufman
Karen Keats
Gretchen Kelly
Jill Kerwick
Melinda Kiefer
Barbara Kilpatrick
Alon Koppel
Rory Krupp
Melora Kuhn
Carole P. Kunstadt
Crystalle Lacouture
Marisela La Grave
Peter LaBier
Crystalle Lacouture
Thomas Lail
Amanda Lees
Elisa Lenduay
Linda Leslie Brown
Les Leveque
Sharon Ligorner Castelli
Kimberly Lin
Anne Lindberg
Harriet Livathinos
Kathleen Loe
Joel Longenecker
Rebeca Loyche
Jacque Lynn Schiller
Liza Macrae
Joe Mama-Nitzberg
Victoria Manganiello
Darwin Manning
Tracy Martin
Susan Mastrangelo
Sooo-z Mastropietro
Alison Matheny
Pete Mauney
Maryna Maurice
Mac McCaughan
ML McCorkle
Patrick McElnea
Nion McEvoy Jr.
Elise McMahon
Tom McGill
Joan Mellon
Susan Meyer
Elizabeth Meyersohn
Holly Miller
Kate Minford
Robert Moeller
Jenny Monick
Katherine Moore
Lily Morris
Donna Moylan
Sue Muskat
Edie Nadelhaft
Jenene Nagy
Lucy Nathanson
Erin O'Brien
Kylin OKylin O'Brien
Leticia Ortega
Phyllis Palmer

Ruby Palmer
Caitlin Parker
Emanuele Pavarotti
Gail Peachin
Mo Pepin
Vincent Pidone
Erika Ranee
Edith Read
Susanne Reece
Kristen Rego
Kelsey Renko
John Richey
Corinna Ripps
Katrina Rodabauh
Susan Rabinowitz
John Richey
Calvin Rocchio
Mandolyn Wilson Rosen
Lydia Rubio
Yasmin Rumkowsi
Jackie Saccoccio
Richard Saja
Helen Sansone
Margaret Saliske
Janelle Sandefur
Anne Schaefer
Ira Scher
Jacque Schiller
Katy Schneider
Carrie Schnieder
Michael Scoggins
Carleen Sheehan
Lithe Sebesta
Stuart Servetar
Beth Servitor
Nathan See
Barbara Sheperd
Vicki Sher
Parker Shipp
Sarah Shirley
Gabriel J. Shuldiner
Ben Sloat
Wendy Small
Kara Smith
D. Jack Solomon
Laura Stasi
Sarah Sterling
Linda Stillman
Lawre Stone
Ian Swanson
Marc Swanson
Amy Talluto
Joy Taylor
Christina Tenaglia
Lisa Nadel Thomas
Kristen Thomas
Tony Thompson
Amy Tingle
Lynne Tobin
Deb Tod Wheeler
Arielle Toelke
Julie Torres
Katharine Umsted
Michael Valiquette
Larsvan Dooren
Victoria van der Laan
Becca Van K
Holly Veselka
Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda
Julie von Eichel
Melissa Weaver
Jess Whittam
Michele Wick
Michael Van Winkle
Alicia Wverett
Brian Wood
Tsukasa Yokozawa
Sally Young
George Juliette Zandberg
Deborah Zlotsky