Other Venues and Map

Rally in the Valley will happen throughout downtown Hudson. A map will be available soon.
Some restaurants are providing special menu items, other places are offering a quiet space to nurse or pump.


Restaurants offering special drinks or menu items to benefit UHPP during Rally in the Valley:
Aeble, 449 Warren St
Backbar, 347 Warren St
Fish & Game, 13 S. 3rd St
Lil' Deb's Oasis, 747 Columbia St
Spotty Dog Books and Ale, 440 Warren St
Wm Farmer & Sons, 20 S Front St

Small Business Big Action raffle
421 Warren St
Stop in to buy raffle tickets for items offered by Small Business Big Action onSaturday between 11-7

Rally in the Valley HQ
Hudson River Exchange
10am-7pm at 514 Warren St
Pick up wristbands and maps, visit the shop where special items are available for sale

Pumping and nursing stations:
Saturday: 9am-5pm Etsy 359 Columbia St,
(enter by the cellar door on Prison Alley at N 4th St.)
Sunday: 12-4pm Bee's Knees 725 Warren St

Reading lists available:
Spotty Dog Books and Ale, 440 Warren St

Mini makeovers & lip gloss benefitting UHPP:
FACE Stockholm, 401 Warren St
Friday 11AM- 5PM, Saturday 11AM-8PM, Sunday 11AM-4PM