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Workshops @ Hudson Hall: 11am-5pm (FREE!)
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11-11:45am The Vulva Discovered with Wise Bodies
Letting go of the misnomer “Pelvic Floor”, we’ll explore what is true about this oceanic center of our sexual system. Using language, breath, movement, play-doh(!), and shared stories, we’ll bring a rich and full 3-dimensionality to this central part of our body the culture has taught us to hold unknown.

12-12:45pm Uplifted Voices panel with UHPP
Help create a community roadmap that will lead towards an intersectional, collective future by joining this workshop that centers on the voices, struggles, and triumphs of those most marginalized (women, people of color, LGBTQ, and immigrants) by current policy. Together we can reimagine our path forward.

1-1:45 Lunch and conversation with UHPP president Chelly Hegan
Learn about the future of Roe and abortion rights in NYS; Planned Parenthood’s strategies on how we plan to continue to provide care, no matter what; and how you can help protect access to vital health care services—in our local communities and across the country! Meal lovingly provided by Wunderbar and Home/Made Hudson

2-3:45 Art as Activism with Chi Nguyen
Picking up the threads from last year's Rally, come learn some embroidery techniques, put your hands to work, and be part of creating the quilt on reproductive rights in Columbia and Greene counties. Nguyen will give a brief overview of her work using art as political activism at the beginning of the workshop.

2-2:45 Clergy for Choice panel discussion
Join our panel of local religious leaders to discover the longstanding connection, yet often muted narrative, between religion and safe, legal access to reproductive healthcare and learn how you can play a role in changing this storyline.

3-3:45 The Birds and the Bees story slam
Christina Thyssen and Debra Gitterman of On The Fly Story Slam, and Hallie Goodman of Volume Reading and Music Series host a curated lineup of 5-minute stories on this fun and provocative topic.

4-4:45 DIY Doula: Self-Care for Before, During, and After Your Abortion
Helen Bolton, an abortion doula with the Doula Project, will lead this workshop on ways to provide support to others and practice self-care in the abortion context and beyond. While the focus of many of the techniques and examples discussed will be specific to abortion, many of these principles can be applied across our lives, as we all give and receive support to and from others. The Doula Project's zine, DIY Doula, will also be available for purchase.

Volume Reading Series @ Spotty Dog Books and Ale (also FREE)
Volume Reading and Music Series Presents the third annual Home Team lineup - a night of local, emerging writers including, Dani Grammerstorf French, Anna Victoria, Karen Keats, Geneva Zane and Kate Hewett. Hosted by Hallie Goodman.

8pm Afterparty @ Backbar
Join us at 8pm for a Rally in the Valley after party at Backbar. Give a donation of $10 at the door, enjoy some drink specials, eat some tasty food, and have some fun with fellow UHPP supporters.